How to Fight Against Spanking and Corporal Punishment

The use of physical force is illegal and uncalled for especially when it comes to matters regarding the disciplining children either by a parent or a teacher. However, Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada ALLOWS parents or guardian to apply some little force on misbehaving children below 18 years.

On the other hand, when children are in school the teacher is only allowed to apply the necessary and reasonable force to a child. The teacher is required to single out the student out of the classroom or advise the student on the importance of being obedient. A student should NEVER be subjected to Corporal Punishment in any case.

Reasonable force means a minor corrective measure or the slightest kind of assault. Below are the Restrictions that border the limits a parent or a teacher to what kind of punish to give to an indiscipline child.

· NEVER use force in disciplining a child under 2 years or a teenager.

· DONOT use force when the child gets frustrated loses temper or make abusive gestures and uses abusive language.

· NEVER use an object that can cause harm to the child.

· NEVER hit a child on the head.

· NEVER apply force on a disabled child.

· NEVER imply on the child in a humiliating manner of being inhuman against the child. That’s Never SPANK the child in public.

Also, the police officers are supposed to use the above-outlined guideline in charging a

Conversely, spanking is also illegal when it is;

i. Done in a manner that it can cause morally harm or degrade on the child.

ii. When it can lead to an accident or bodily harm the kid.

iii. Done by a parent who has lost temper or is frustrated.

.If a teacher or parent assaults a child below are the actions that the child needs to take.

· Speak to an adult who is close to you about what has happened to you

· Call the police.

· Also, if you can access to a child agency in your country seek help from them.

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